What Does Pride 🌈 Mean To YOU?
What Does Pride 🌈 Mean To YOU?

Happy Pride Month 🌈! Every year in June, people around the world come together to celebrate inclusion, diversity, and the LGBTQI+ community.

Celebrating Pride means equal rights and commemorating the Stonewall riots which occurred in June 1969. As a result, many pride events are held to recognise the impact LGBTI+ has had in the world.

In celebration of Pride Month, we asked one of our creators Daniel Webster, to share his definition of Pride and how he will be celebrating differently this year.

How did you first become a creator?

‘‘I first started my journey as a creator on YouTube around 4 years ago, VERY LONG story but that is what opened up the doors to the world of ‘influencers’.

I am so grateful for every single opportunity that has been given to me, I do love it.’’

There’s a lot of power in being a creator. As one yourself, what do you see as being your purpose?

‘‘My purpose as a creator is to be authentic and spread my natural positivity. There are a lot of people who look up to me (which I find amazing but also weird at the same time, i’m just little old Daniel) and I aim to make sure they enjoy what I do.

To do that, I have to make sure that I am only producing the content that I want to produce and not be fake.’’

What does Pride mean to you?

‘‘Pride to me is a time that everyone should celebrate. In today’s age, Pride is not just about the LGBTQI+ community, it’s about every community coming together and celebrating diversity.

Pride is about accepting who you are and being proud of everything you stand for, no one should make you feel any less because of your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or religion.’’

How do you usually celebrate Pride?

‘‘When June comes around, I know that this is going to be a great month. Especially in London when events are happening every other night. I like to get together with my friends, who are a mixture of Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans Men & Women to celebrate everything that people before us fought for.

I normally have a pretty packed schedule during pride month and I love it. I also love to escape from London and attend regional pride celebrations such as Brighton, Manchester, and Birmingham.’’

As we are in lockdown, how will you be celebrating Pride this year?

‘‘Well, I had all the pride celebrations booked this year, including a trip to Tel Aviv but that’s not going to happen! So we are just going to have to make most of what we have.

I am going to celebrate with friends (at a distance) with BBQs and Zoom nights in. I will miss walking around Soho and admiring all of the beautiful rainbows and colourful signs everywhere. Pride 2021 is going to be EPIC.’’

What is one of your favourite Pride memories?

‘‘My favourite pride memory is 100% Pride 2018.

I went with BoohooMan to Brighton Pride (Britney Pride) for the whole weekend and oh my god, it was sensational.

I have never had so much fun, the parade was around 3 hours long, but you wouldn’t have thought it because the feeling was electric, everyone was there showing their support and when you are walking you can feel it and the smile on your face.

The brand had so many surprises for us and they made the whole weekend seamless.’’

Although Pride is a little different this year, how will you be spreading the message and love?

‘‘I had planned to create a new piece of Pride content every day for the whole of June however, due to covid-19 the items that I have ordered have decided that they will take a trip around the world before being delivered to my front door! So that will start when my orders arrive.

Also, taking into light recent events, I think that this is now our time to show our support to #BlackLivesMatter. We need to come together to

raise awareness just like they did for the LGBTQI+ community in Stonewall and stand together against racism and violence.