Meet The Creator: Le Corgi
Meet The Creator: Le Corgi

Meet Le Corgi, an adorable Instagram account following Marcel the Corgi’s adventures, documented by his owner Aurélie.

Marcel has a very loyal following of 130k followers on his Instagram profile and has worked with some very well known brands with TAKUMI.

We sat down with Aurélie to chat all things Marcel, her inspiration in creating content and any expert tips for aspiring pet influencers.

Tell us about how you met Marcel?

‘‘Marcel is now 6 years old and he joined our little family when he was just 11 weeks old. Before deciding to get him, we did a lot of research about his breed, to make sure it suited our lifestyle (corgis are cute yes but they are so much more and were working dogs originally so they tend to be very vocal, shed a lot and are super stubborn, so not for everyone and the unprepared) and also that we were ready financially and had the time for a pup.

How did you get into creating content on Instagram?

‘‘When we first got Marcel I set up his own Facebook page to share his puppy photos, as I did not want to inundate my Facebook feed with puppy photos.

We started to connect with people on Facebook and since I am very much into photography, we started to get recommendations that we should set up an Instagram page!

We started our Instagram account a year after getting Marcel but posted more regularly as time went on. Our Instagram in a way started as an accident, but we just started to connect with people and it was amazing!’’.

Your content is very creative and humorous, where do you find your inspiration?

‘‘I’m a photographer and have always loved the craft. I think creativity is one of those things that you cannot force, you either have it or don’t.

The vibe of the account is reflecting Marcel, he’s such a silly, loving (and FOOD loving) pup that inspired me to do more of the things I love, and be more “pawsitive”.

Keeping the tone on his social media positive, not only helps others (knowing we can make someone’s day or make them smile with this is the best thing in the world, so uplifting) but myself as well.

I also find inspiration in nature and colours, and of course the accounts we follow and love for their creativity and values.’’

What opportunities has Marcel being a pet influencer opened up for you and Marcel?

“I took a leap of faith and resigned from my full-time job 3 years go, and started doing more things that I love such as photography, travelling and creating content for brands. Marcel inspired me to do this, dogs live in the moment and this has taught me to live more in the moment.’’

Where do you see yourself going with Marcel’s social accounts?

“As I am now focusing on my consultancy and photography career, I want to focus on what I started Marcel’s account for: the fun and community (we often forget the “social” in “social media”), inspiring them to be kind (to themselves and others) and to do more of what they love.

I have always insisted on even the ads we post to be limited in number, using the same tone as the rest of our posts, and with brands that values align with ours. But I am working on finding a balance between our sponsored content (we’ve only ever posted about the things we love and would use, and I say no to a lot more things than I say yes, even if the money is good) so I can continue to work from home and pay the bills, and spending more quality time with Marcel and creating organic content that makes people smile.’’

Any tips for aspiring pet influencers?

‘‘My tips for their humans would be to always remember that your pet is a living being with feelings, work with their limits and respect them. No amount of likes is worth risking their life or wellbeing.

  • Do the things you and your pet love, capture this on their social media but also don’t forget to enjoy those moments off-camera/the gram too. You can’t force things, especially not on your pet.

  • Get inspired by others but do YOUR THING, and do credit others who inspire you. Be YOU, everyone else is taken.

  • Only follow the accounts that make you feel good and you enjoy, not the ones that bring negative feelings. You do not have to justify to anyone but yourself who you follow.

  • Quality of content is key, and consistency in terms of posting and what you are posting about.

  • Be prepared to spend quite some time to create content and also engage with your community — it does not happen overnight nor by luck but with work and persistence.

  • Don’t lose the sense of community — it is a wonderful thing to have (we’re so proud and happy with ours) and behold that will help in ways you cannot imagine

  • Stay away from the many fraudulent ways that are available to grow an account artificially (bots, follow/unfollow, pods, buying likes or comments), there are ways for this to be detected (remember selling fake or unengaged followers to a brand is FRAUD) and ultimately it’s all supposed to be for fun!’’

Aurélie offered some great insight into the world of pet influencers and also some great tips for any aspiring pet accounts. Be sure to check her and Marcel out on Instagram and also now on TikTok, where you can watch Marcel on his adventures from taking on hashtag challenges to trending dance routines!