Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Tom

We sat down with Tom to discuss his content and what he feels is the difference between an influencer and a creator.

You have had collectively over 36.9 million likes on TikTok, why do you think your content resonates well on this platform?

Comedy is king, I find a lot of my sketches transcend language so it picks up plenty of audience outside of English speaking countries like the UK and US.

On my original account, I made epic adventure travel content and it barely got a third of the engagement in five years of what my comedy account has (which is only two years old).

You recently worked on the Peperami #TryNotToDrop campaign. SPOILER ALERT: In your video it shows you dropping an iPhone 10 in the river…was this your ACTUAL phone and is it now sat in a bag of rice?

Sometimes you have to invest in your business to get back, i’m never afraid to put money into props, costumes and venue hire for working with brands, but on this one, let’s leave it as a mystery…

What is the most frequent question you are asked by your followers?

Do you have a YouTube channel? 🙂

How do you maintain your authentic voice on your channels while still partnering with brands?

I think it’s important to stay true to your own brand and not just sell anything.

But that said, even if I’m advertising my little pony, or barbie if I have the right creative idea, then it’ll still be fun, funny, impressive etc and my audience will still like it. That’s the difference between what an influencer can do for a brand and a creator.

If I was a male fitness/grooming influencer then suddenly promoting Barbie would feel so incredibly out of place, but with a content creator, you can find a way to inject your personality into a sketch, keeping it natural whilst the product gets plenty of air time.

If you could collaborate with another creator who would it be and why?

I’m very particular when it comes to collaboration.

Tiktok isn’t like YouTube, if you do a video with another creator and that video gets 1 million views, you still won’t see many people transferring over to your or their account.

I have 1.8 million fans on TikTok but people don’t seem to have the same level of loyalty as they would if they were on YouTube.

I think that’s mainly down to the fact tiktok always sends audiences to fresh new videos from new creators on a for you page, whereas YouTube sends out notifications regularly for channels your subscribe to and hit the bell, tiktok barely does that.

So long story short, just a few close friends

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