Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction. The German brand is known for its luxury, innovative vehicles that launched the world’s first premium pickup – The Mercedes-Benz Vans X-Class.









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The challenge

Mercedes-Benz Vans is a division of the premium automotive brand Mercedes-Benz that looks after commercial vehicles. The goal was to position the new X‑Class as a premium, desirable pickup among the right audience and showcasing the many capabilities the pickup has to offer in a 48-hour test drive. It was important to ensure that any positioning of this vehicle reflected the Mercedes-Benz Vans division’s mission to ‘Keep Businesses Moving’ as well as the premium positioning of the three-pointed star as a whole.

Mercedes-Benz Vans had discovered that the best way for consumers to understand just how exceptional their pickup was is to try it out for themselves. They were confident enough to let consumers put their claims to the test, so offered consumers the opportunity to drive the vehicle for 48 hours.

Mercedes-Benz Vans wanted to appeal to a wide, varied audience in order to achieve two objectives:

Generate awareness and inspire

Generate consideration and conversion amongst driven business owners

The solution

Mercedes-Benz Vans knew exactly who they wanted; driven business owners who shared the brand values of the X-Class: The first of a new kind – for those born to lead, not follow. These were the business savvy entrepreneurs with an ambition to be successful. It was incredibly important for Mercedes-Benz Vans and Takumi to show how universally appealing the vehicle can be to a business owner, regardless of the industry or lifestyle they have.

Additionally, it was key to ensure that the content showed the vehicle being used in a genuine, authentic manner, rather than just static images which were also essential.

TAKUMI’s dedicated campaign managers identified and activated the relevant people from within our existing network and brought new influencers onboard that had the right profiles. These included surfers, farmers, photographers, musicians and artists. The influencers were based all over the UK; from up in the Highlands, to Wales and down to the south of England. Each person we found is a creative and unique individual with their own story to tell.

In order to make the most of each partnership we started the brief collaboration early on and worked with the influencers directly to know how they can best work with the client’s guidelines. We considered factors such as when the apple harvest season is, how will the Scottish weather affect us, which accessories can Mercedes-Benz Vans provide to each person – all were key questions during the content production planning.

The result

Mercedes-Benz Vans ended up with stunning images and videos, showing diverse use cases for the X-Class in phenomenal scenery all around the UK. The influencers created twice the amount of content vs what was expected, and videos shared across social achieved very high view rates and engagements.

The volume of content created demonstrated how the Mercedes-Benz Vans X-Class Pickup was the right fit for the influencers – the test drive enabled them to experience the vehicle to realise just how good it is.

All content on TAKUMI comes with full digital license rights included, enabling Mercedes-Benz Vans to use the content on their own social channels.