Maker's Mark - Small Town, Bright lights

Maker's Mark - Small Town, Bright lights

TAKUMI became an integral facet of Maker’s Mark local competition, giving one remarkable small town a holiday to remember. Instagram creators were activated at scale to nominate their small town, spread awareness of the contest and encourage UGC. For optimum reach and engagement we partnered with micro and hero influencers, hitting over 40 small towns in the US. The campaign resulted in an avalanche of entries fuelled by the fantastic ER of 4.2%.


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The challenge

Maker’s Mark sought to work with a high volume of influencers from small towns across America, with less than 250K population. The contest aimed to find and celebrate those who pour the same purpose and heart into their communities that Maker’s Mark does when crafting each bottle of Bourbon. While the influencers were going to nominate their town through creative content, the campaign had an overarching objective of spreading awareness of the contest and encouraging UGC for the brand. The winning town got a once-in-a-lifetime holiday makeover sponsored by Maker’s Mark!

The strategy

We leveraged first-party creator data available through our platform to maximize reach across relevant small towns. Further, we utilized additional platform features to streamline scaling capabilities and seamlessly deliver breadth of talent across the country. The micro influencer arm was supported by two macro influencers, who brought broader awareness and increased visibility nationwide. We focused on delivering the brand messages along with contest mechanics through creative, digestible content that spread across carousels, stories and tappable CTA links.

The performance

TAKUMI’s platform enabled us to efficiently activate creators in over 40 small towns! The strategy materialized in significant over-delivery, with assets, impressions and ER being 150%+ higher than originally benchmarked. Creators went above and beyond, embracing the storytelling element of the campaign and prompting contest entries from within their communities. Overall, Maker’s Mark experienced unprecedented levels of entries and UGC as a result.

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Copy of [EXT] Alaska Airlines x TAKUMI (1080 × 1920px)


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