A creative studio designed to cut through culture.

TAKUMI X is a creative playground. A safe space, where influential ideas are executed with creative direction from handpicked creators and taste-makers — a place where branded content is designed to cut through culture.

Brand involvement in culture is now vital. In fact, 57% of Gen Z and Millennials are more motivated to buy having seen branded content that is culturally relevant.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool with which to maintain and reinforce brand image.

Our creators have a deep understanding of today's cultural landscape and its intricacies and are uniquely positioned to help bridge the gap between brands and consumer audiences.

We help brands become more relevant through embracing culture, staying current, and demonstrating that they align with their audiences on cultural events, societal issues, and mood. This means crafting the right message and executing with visionary creative, tailored for all media platforms.

CollaborationCrafting the future of branded content

TAKUMI X is home to the best creative talent across TikTok, Triller, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap, and Twitch. Our creators are hand-picked on the merit of their creativity and voice – providing brands with a diverse team of experts that understand how their audiences think, feel, and engage.

The future of branded content belongs to the creators and so our process is truly creator-first. We involve relevant creative minds at every stage, from briefing insights and ideation through to launch and amplification.

We believe the biggest risk to modern advertising is the assumption that other people think like them. We are unapologetic in our commitment to inclusivity, our roster of talent provides a crucial lens of diversity constantly pushing us to think inclusively and to embrace the perspective of people who think differently.

Whether you're looking to launch a brand presence on the latest channel, increase brand engagement or simply understand how to approach a new audience with creativity and credibility – we're here to make the process agile, intelligent, and enjoyable.


StrategyStraightforward thinking, emotional connections

We develop audience-centric ideas that naturally emanate beyond influencer into broader community building.

Our substantial expertise in digital strategy assures our output works in sync with long term brand benefits, balancing creative, reach, and frequency.

We love data and insights, but to work, they need to be applied with a bit of common sense. We understand that most people don't spend much time thinking about the products and services they buy. They often buy from a feeling or a sense of inspiration. It's our job to make those moments happen across wider-reaching audiences. We do that by figuring out exactly how and where we can forge emotional and memorable connections with millions of people, everyday. The answer? Our creators.


AccountabilityMoving the needle


We approach every single client project with a view to creating shareable, effective work with the ethos that all work has the potential to be 'award-winning'. We aim for fame.

Our job is done when evaluation shows effectiveness. That means moving the needle in a clear straightforward way.

Multi-channel and integrated marketing campaigns are complex and so we work towards metrics that reflect our strategy, not just the data we happen to have at hand.

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