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Without compromising on quality

Our advanced, proprietary managed service platform, combined with an experienced team of Takumi experts power unmatched campaigns. We ensure the best quality campaign experience for our clients by focusing on 3 key areas:


Quality Influencers

We believe in the strictest vetting criteria to ensure that we have the highest quality talent pool in the market.

Quality Content

We have very high quality standards which are upheld by our Community Managers, resulting in consistently high engagement rates and aesthetic quality of content.

Quality Service

We do all the heavy lifting before, during and after your campaigns, from influencer vetting to influencer payments to post-campaign analysis, so you don’t have to.

The Takumi process - Influencer marketing done the right way

Better Service

  • Influencer vetting

    Don’t waste your time reviewing profiles. At Takumi creators are subjected to a 10-step vetting process using a combination of both software tools and human insight, and then continually monitored by our team of Community Managers. Takumi only accepts the top 7% of applications.

  • Campaign strategy & setup

    Our in-house experts help you create a complete influencer strategy to help you achieve your objectives. Takumi creators have between 1,000 - 700,000 followers enabling us to work across the full range of influencer campaign types; be it a huge scale diversified content creation, development of brand ambassadors, strong engagement rates or social buzz at events.

  • Influencer signups

    Takumi experts manage the targeted creator recruitment from our pre-vetted community of the best Instagram content creators and influencers. Creators opt-in to campaigns which ensures best alignment, quality and quick execution. There is no reward negotiations or bidding for campaign participation. Takumi guarantees fair market rate rewards for both sides, minimizing risk and significantly reducing campaign execution time.


Powered by our first‑class platform

  • Campaign & timeline management

    Your dedicated Campaign Manager will manage your campaign from beginning to end. You can define clear deadlines for content submission.

  • Brand safety

    The Takumi Admin tool gives you access to a live campaign report, where you can review content and make sure only brand approved content goes live.

  • Campaign reporting

    Real-time results and reports are available through the Takumi Admin tool.


Content that drives your digital presence

  • High Quality Content

    Tap into the everyday creativity of Instagram and get purpose-made, diverse, engaging content created by your brand advocates for your target audience.

  • Licensing

    All content comes with perpetual digital license rights, enabling you to re-use the assets within your paid, owned or earned endeavours.

  • Facebook Integration

    Push content directly into Facebook or Instagram ads right from the Takumi Admin tool.


Campaign Types

Flexible range of campaign models to fit your needs, all available as photo or video campaigns. We can carry out regular, product shipment and event campaigns across all campaign types.



Pay per creative asset produced



Pay based on audience size



Pay per engagement

Featured Creators

The Takumi creator network consists of platform natives, people that have built up their social media presence on Instagram and understand that platform better than anyone else.

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We wanted to drive awareness of our new #myjohnfrieda campaign in an authentic and engaging way, amongst our target audience. The output we saw from our first Takumi campaign was impressive- the content was beautiful and infused with independent creativity and vision. By putting our consumer at the heart of our campaigns, we see high engagement and this campaign surpassed Takumi’s benchmarks, which was great to see.

John Frieda

Alex Lehman, Senior Digital Manager

Authenticity is one of our core brand messages, woven into the fabric of Jack, but it’s not always easy to achieve through influencer content. On the other hand, we’re tagged in lots of authentic posts on Instagram, but it’s rarely the right sort of content for our channels. Working with Takumi, we’ve been able to produce content that delivers high engagement rates, plus better authenticity, variety and volume, helping increase the spread of our campaigns. The results speak for themselves and we’re committed to working with micro-influencers as part of our ongoing marketing strategy.

Jack Wills

Priya Kumar, head of content and social media

It was a pleasure working with Takumi. The process was simple, straightforward and well managed. Having the dashboard where we could login at any time was really great for staying up to date with new posts and managing the content coming through.


Takumi was able to source relevant influencers on Instagram in order to drive awareness of our new summer brunch menu amongst our target audience, and the content their influencers produced help power our paid social activities on Facebook and Instagram, which in the end increased our sales by almost 30%

All Bar One

Michael Duffy, Marketing Manager

Influencer marketing was a different approach for SOMNOS® as we were looking for a way to engage a new segment in an authentic dialogue, while showing the benefits of a completely unique product that most people had never heard of before in their life. Takumi managed the entire process for us, ranging from concept development to hand-picking high quality influencers. This allowed us to focus on our customers and building our company, which was crucial for us as a growing start-up.


Kathrin Hamm, Co-Founder