Why a multi-platform approach is key to influencer marketing success
Why a multi-platform approach is key to influencer marketing success

Online content has increased exponentially, and with the likes of TikTok exploding onto the scene this has helped accelerate the success of multi-platform influencer marketing campaigns.

As the industry has matured, and with influencers having more success diversifying their following across multiple platforms, we’ve seen increased demand for campaigns that go beyond a singular platform.

Where an influencer collaboration would previously have been just on Instagram, it is now proven to be more successful by activating on the likes of TikTok and YouTube as well.

In this new landscape, marketers will be encouraged to explore each of these channels to get the best out of their advertising budget.

Our latest whitepaper research of 2,000 UK 🇬🇧, US 🇺🇸, and German 🇩🇪consumers, marketers, and influencers, reveals the different roles and perceptions of each of the platforms, and how they attract different users and elicit a variety of responses.

Each social platform offers a distinct experience: YouTube with its longer-form content allows for in-depth product reviews and how-to videos with high production values, where long-term brand partnerships can naturally fit and evolve; Instagram’s visual aesthetic, e-commerce integrations and user-interface leads to digestible, artistic and engaging stylised content; while TikTok encourages a more entertaining approach with its snappy, homegrown and trend-led content.

A combination of these factors and consumers’ familiarity with the platforms have shaped how influential they are over purchasing decisions. Our data shows that in the last six months, over a quarter of consumers 27% have been persuaded to purchase a product or service by influencers on YouTube, followed by 24% of consumers on Instagram and 15% on TikTok.

TikTok’s early adoption phase means it still has huge potential for brands, especially in engaging younger demographics: 40% of 16–24-year-olds in Germany 🇩🇪 and 30% of 16–24-year-olds in the UK 🇬🇧 have been influenced to purchase a product or service as a result of influencers across the platform.

There are many different marketing opportunities available for brands across the channels and knowing how and when best to allocate budgets to each is the key to a more cost-effective and successful campaign.

By only allocating budget to one channel, brands risk putting all their eggs in one basket and could miss out on important opportunities to grow brand awareness and drive engagement and conversions among new and different audiences.

Using a more targeted approach with each channel serving a different purpose, brands can reach the consumers that matter most to them on the channels they’re most engaged with.

Multi-platform campaigns are an important evolution in the maturing influencer marketing industry, and embracing diverse activity across a number of channels will only further improve cost-efficiency and performance. If brands can successfully harness the capabilities of each and adapt their strategies accordingly, they will see a far better outcome.

Our research shows that, if used correctly, each channel can hold even greater power than other more traditional brand endorsement tools: 37% of 16–44-year-olds trust a YouTube influencer more than a high-profile figure or celebrity, and almost a quarter (23%) of the same age group trust the recommendations of a TikTok influencer over a friend.

This can only be unlocked if brands can navigate an increasingly complex influencer marketing landscape with so many channels, influencers, and content types to choose from. Brands need to start consulting influencers and using them as creative directors and seeking guidance from agencies to apply a more collaborative approach.

Multi-platform and multi-market campaigns are now key to influencer marketing success; managing them effectively will unlock the industry’s potential. If you would like to find out more about activating a multi-platform campaign please get in touch hello@takumi.com