TAKUMI has partnered with The Digilearning Foundation to help children from all backgrounds to become digitally literate.
TAKUMI has partnered with The Digilearning Foundation to help children from all backgrounds to become digitally literate.

TAKUMI has partnered with The Diglearning Foundation as part of our commitment to help broaden the opportunities available to underprivileged and disadvantaged young people.

We at TAKUMI, believe that everyone should have a chance to succeed in life and we are working with Digilearning to help create a fairer and more inclusive society.

“Currently there are 22% of children living in relative poverty in the UK and this number is growing. We must get to the root of the cause and ensure people have the essential skills to thrive in life and a concerted focus needs to be on our young, they are our future!” explains Lisa Goodchild the Founder of Digilearning.

For underserved and marginalised groups, technology can be a great equaliser. Digital skills can help bridge the economic divide, diversify and connect people and communities to greater opportunities.

At the heart of Influencer Marketing is creativity and in order to further grow the industry, we need to make sure we are hiring diverse individuals who can offer new cultural and creative insights.

TAKUMI has found that 80% of Gen Z’s and 72% of Millennials seek inspiration from social media platforms when purchasing.

To make content that inspires we need to be a diverse team where people are able to bring a wide range of cultural experiences to help create content that speaks to all parts of society.

In order to build this diverse team, we must ensure that all young people are able to access and learn about digital skills to become digitally literate.

“Gen Z have been born into a world with screens and consume digital differently. It’s important to provide them with the skillsets to take them into the world of work. This is our opportunity to develop, educate and make a change for the next generation in order to shift gears,” says Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO, TAKUMI

The Confederation of British Industry recently found that “it is estimated that the existing digital skills gap sees the UK lose out on £63BN GDP every year. As a result of COVID-19, traditional industries are digitising, new sectors emerging, and our ways of working rapidly changing — that figure is only going to dramatically rise without decisive action.”

“Too many young people are digitally isolated and being left behind, we need to support them, to futureproof them,” explains Rio Ferdinand the former pro footballer who is helping to support Digilearning through the Rio Ferdinand’s YRD foundation.

Skills gaps across all industries are poised to grow in the fourth industrial revolution. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are happening in ever shorter cycles, changing the very nature of the jobs and at this current time, the nation is ill-equipped to deliver on these digital opportunities.

The Digilearning Foundation aims to close the digital skills gap and provide training to as many young people as possible.

TAKUMI will be taking part in the 12-week programme with around 50 young people from the UK, Jamaica and Barbados. The Jamaica and Barbados governments have supported sourcing great young people along with the cohort in the UK.

The final destination of the program is to support the participants with job options or setting up a business. Digilearning aims to create a path for social mobility and create a more sustainable world where there is a high quality of education accessible to everyone, gender equality and decent work available to everyone.

Part of the program is a mentorship scheme which pairs young people with industry experts which provide young people with one on one coaching and tips for development. We are very proud to announce that TAKUMI will be helping to mentor young students, stay tuned to hear more on the scheme.

We are looking forward to sharing our skills and expertise to help build the next generation of digital marketers, advertisers, and creatives.