TAKUMI becomes silver bullet in economic downturn, enters strategic partnership with La Roche-Posay
TAKUMI becomes silver bullet in economic downturn, enters strategic partnership with La Roche-Posay

Could creator marketing yet again establish itself as the ‘silver bullet’ in the current global economic downturn just as it did during the pandemic? L’Oréal, the largest cosmetics company in the world and several of its Fortune 100 contemporaries certainly seem to think so. These brands are increasing their year-on-year budget allocations to creator marketing, an industry that has grown from $1.7billion in 2016 to a staggering $16.8billion in 2022.

But equally as important as your influencer marketing strategy is your selection of the right partner in the space. For the second year in a row, La Roche-Posay, L’Oréal’s #1 dermocosmetic brand worldwide, will look to TAKUMI, the leading performance-marketing creator platform, to continue in building long-term partnerships with expert dermatologists in the space, tapping the internationally renown, heritage brand into top trends in the space using out of the box creators, like @inaecakes and @emilyzugay, and fostering brand love all year round.

TAKUMI, founded 7 years ago by serial tech entrepreneur Mats Stigzelius, was one of the first entrants in the influencer marketing space. It quickly evolved into a leading player, thanks to the hybrid model it adapted. TAKUMI offers a powerful combination of a data-driven performance marketing platform and a managed service giving clients access to TAKUMI’s deep expertise in influencer marketing.

‘This is a huge endorsement for TAKUMI and we couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to grow our global partnership with L’Oréal,’ said Mats Stigzelius, TAKUMI’s founder. ‘The pandemic taught us some important lessons, and it helped clients understand who their strategic partners to really drive their business forward are. It’s encouraged them to invest in the winning channels – away from traditional digital media planning – towards social content and influencer marketing.’

‘Even now, in a situation where the global economy has temporarily slowed down, we’re seeing a very bullish sentiment from our enterprise partners, who are increasing spend significantly going into 2023. This is based on proven and repeatable results around bespoke KPIs that our clients were able to achieve by partnering with TAKUMI,’ Stigzelius continued.

While dialling back on marketing spend may seem to make sense for short-term budgetary concerns, marketers focused on mitigating the impact of a recession and maximising the effectiveness of their marketing budgets need to think of—and spend for—the recovery.

Slashing budgets – as both 2008 and Covid illustrated only too well – hardly ever proves the answer. Optimising media mix and investing in channels that are performing strongly like creator marketing with TAKUMI seems a better choice.

As a one-stop shop that enables transparency, flexibility and control over their creator relationships, TAKUMI supports marketers in their full-funnel needs. From strategic insight based on 7+ years of first party data, creator discovery, vetting, contracting, campaign management, real time analysis and reporting to e-commerce and affiliate marketing, creator-driven amplification, measurement, attribution and optimisation.