Social Media Updates

Are you on top of the latest social media tools and features?! You should be! Here’s a look at this month’s social media roundups:

Twitter continues tests for a new ‘Spaces’ feature

Twitter is continuing the test phase of a new ‘Spaces’ feature, an addition which could rival the likes of Clubhouse. Akin to the IOS audio-chatroom app, Spaces threatens to be more accessible and more inclusive; it is already working for Android users, unlike Clubhouse, which has yet to launch an Android version of the app.

Spaces will allow users to create either a public or private Space for their followers to join, with the host controlling who gets to speak and who gets to stay: if things get too heated, the host can block and report anyone in their audio chat.

That being said, Twitter has expressed optimism that the feature will create an environment of respect and togetherness, which is often lacking on the platform.

Text can be misinterpreted and devoid of emotion, allowing us to shield our identity and personality from the world; a voice-only space removes the mask, to an extent, and breathes a new, more literal meaning into the term ‘chat room’. Spaces certainly has potential, but only time will tell.

Twitter announces plans for ‘Super Follows’

Last week, Twitter announced plans to debut a new feature on the app that will allow users to charge a fee for others to access exclusive content. Aptly named ‘Super Follows’, the addition will run much like a subscription service whereby paying users will be privy to content that others won’t have access to, such as bonus tweets, a user newsletter or a supporters badge.

The idea has had a mixed reception, understandably, but for influencers and creators it offers the chance to cultivate a stronger presence and a community of ‘Super Followers’. The feature means that followers will be paying creators for a service; a monetary incentive for them to strive for even more compelling and thoughtfully curated content.

LinkedIn to establish a creator marketplace

Back in February, LinkedIn’s editor-in-chief Dan Roth posted a job listing to the platform for a Head of Community, in which he announced plans for the formation of a global creator management team to “support and grow our content creators, with the mission to source, nurture, uplevel and retain these important voices”.

The move points towards a potential marketplace of creators on LinkedIn, connecting brands with individuals and allowing both parties to maximise their presence on the platform. Tailoring support for the creator community will pave the way for promotional opportunities and incentivise businesses to utilise the platform as a marketing tool. Although few details have been disclosed thus far, the announcement hints towards LinkedIn embracing the world of Influencer Marketing on its platform.

Instagram updates its algorithm for recommending Reels

It’s been over 6 months since Instagram launched Reels (time flies, doesn’t it?), a feature that bears such a close resemblance to TikTok, you wondered how it would ever compete. Now, it’s safe to say that Instagram has become a popular destination in its own right, for those who want to share or discover engaging, short video content. As a result, the platform has recently started taking steps to change its algorithm which determines how it recommends content to users. Alongside this, they have announced various tips and advice for how users can boost their Reels-viewership, in a bid to deter content which has been recycled from TikTok.

It is recommended that users keep their videos fun, entertaining, and featuring music from the Instagram music library or Reels sounds. Insta are encouraging users to start trends or to get involved with popular content — much like the dance crazes of TikTok — but are discouraging the creation of Reels which are blurred, dominated by text, or feature logos like that of TikTok.

It’s clear that Instagram is keen to ensure that content is unique to the platform, tweaking its algorithm as an incentive for creators to strive for fresh ideas and appreciate Reels for what it is rather than what it isn’t…TikTok.

We’ll be back next month with more updates you should be aware of!