Social Media Essentials: The Content Creator Toolkit
Social Media Essentials: The Content Creator Toolkit

Editing Apps

Photo Editing


Snapseed is the best photo editing app for beginners who want to create the best content. The app is free on iOS and Android. It offers a broad variety of colour and exposure tools, as well as an array of filter options and templates. Users can layer effects and create customised edits on images, perfect for social media content creation. 


VSCO is for creators who want to level up their photography edits. Downloadable on both iOS and Android, VSCO offers a free version with limited functions, or a $/£20 per year membership which includes additional filters and borders. With an array of presets and editing features, VSCO is a great place to create unique, high quality images. Almost all successful content creators use this app! You can also post your photos on the VSCO platform, boosting your social media presence.

Video Editing


iMovie is a great starting point for editing videos as it’s both simple and free to use. One downside is that the software is only available on Apple devices. iMovie includes video filters, themes and effects such as music, voiceovers, transitions, split-screen and titles – giving you endless content ideas. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

For the more experienced video editor, Premiere Pro is for you. It is not only one of the best video editing tools out there, but it is really easy to use. Users can pay a monthly subscription fee of £30.34/$31.49 per month or £239.64/$251.87 annually. Designed to create professional videos, it allows users to modify videos, add audio and video effects, adjust colour and lights, and export finished projects in any format to any screen. You’ll only see your subscribers increase when producing refined, high quality content. 

Audio Editing


GarageBand is beginner-friendly and free for macOS laptop and desktop computers. It allows you to record, edit and create vocals, music, podcasts and other audio recordings. It includes features to multi-layer audio projects and is ideal for podcasters to record right away.

Hindenburg Journalist

If you’re looking for pro podcast editing, Hindenburg Journalist is your go-to. It’s specifically designed for podcasters and radio journalists. This software will help you create polished content for your target audience to enjoy.

Photo, Video and Audio Equipment


Natural lighting is your best friend but for gloomy days and night-time content, lights can be really helpful. Good lighting can significantly improve photo and video quality. Ring lights are essential for every social media content creator. They distribute light evenly which is perfect for close-up shots. Our favourite ring light is only £30.99/£42.60 from Amazon and includes a dimmable LED circle light, tripod stand and phone holder. Another lighting option is a softbox light which is a must-have for every type of content, including branded content. They soften and diffuse light and can help achieve a natural looking light effect. This softbox light allows you to create a studio from home for £49.99/$68.71. The light includes a stand, dimming options, 3 lighting modes and a remote clicker. 


Finding it hard getting the perfect angle? A flexible tripod is the hands-free answer. Whether you’re trying to get the best Insta shot, recording a Snapchat or dancing for a TikTok, a tripod is definitely a must have in any creator’s kit. Our top pick is this extendable phone and camera tripod from Amazon for £23.79/$32.70. 


A microphone is essential for video content, voiceovers, recording tutorials, podcasting and more. Places where the audio is challenging, microphones can save the day. It’s an item that won’t break the bank but will make your video and audio content a lot more polished. Amazon has a great selection of inexpensive microphones, including this portable smartphone microphone for just £29.95/$41.17. If you’re looking to invest in a more professional microphone, the ever so popular Blue Yeti is a great choice. This standalone microphone will set you back £119.00/$163.57. 

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Tools are not just for marketers. They are essential for monitoring and managing social media accounts in one place. They allow you to plan, draft, schedule and publish future posts more efficiently. Many social media management tools are cost-effective and offer free trials or free plans for individuals. Most apps allow you to also engage with your audience, generate reports and view performance analytics. Overall, they will help refine your content strategy and save you time so that you can focus on creating quality content.


Later is an Instagram focussed marketing tool that enables you to plan, schedule and auto-publish posts on multiple social media channels. What makes the app unique is the Instagram visual planner which is similar to a content calendar and helps with your feed aesthetic. It also provides suggested hashtags and post times with its built-in analytics. Later offers a free plan that includes 1 user, 30 posts per month per social account and 1 social profile per platform, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. 


Much like Later, Hootsuite allows you to create content and post across multiple platforms from one interface. The app includes a social listening feature to help track your target audience and engage in conversations about your profile. It also provides metrics on social media posts which can inform your marketing strategy and assist in producing engaging content. Hootsuite’s free limited plan includes 1 user, 2 social accounts, and 5 scheduled messages which could be a challenge if you want to bulk plan and schedule future content.


Saving the best for last, our TAKUMI app is the industry leading platform that links creators with brand campaigns. The app is available for Apple and Google users, and lets creators seamlessly match with brands, participate in branded content campaigns, submit content and collect payment. Once you apply via the app, your social profiles will undergo a multi-step vetting process that is augmented with a human touch. We are continuously expanding our talent and offering in order to further TAKUMI’s mission of professionalizing and growing the creator economy. The TAKUMI app’s evolution of createch enables you to commercialise your talents and have seamless input into brand activations. 

Download our TAKUMI app here and sign up to unlock endless brand collaboration opportunities! 

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