Meet The Creator: Edelstoff Berleen
Meet The Creator: Edelstoff Berleen

Meet Edelstoff Berleen a content creator based in Germany, who is famous for her style, travel shots and spreading the power of self-confidence across social media. With 13,700 followers on Instagram, her beautiful shots capture her life in squares.

Edelstoff has worked with TAKUMI for over a year on multiple campaigns where she has created content for various brands from beauty through to food and travel.

As Edelstoff continues to capture her audience with her inspirational content, we sat down to discuss her journey so far and how she first made her mark online.

How did you become an influencer?

‘‘I first began creating content online when I started getting asked for fashion tips and also where I had purchased items I wore, from people on the street and also online.

I felt inspired and thought what better way to engage with people than to start an Instagram account detailing fashion inspo and what I get up to in my day-to-day life.’’

What do you think the public’s perception of influencers is in Germany?

‘‘There are always two sides to people’s opinions when it comes to influencers.

I think in Germany young people perceive influencers in a very different way, with really accepting them and understanding the time and effort it takes in creating content for their communities.

However, there is still a generation who don’t understand the concept of influencers and how much work they put into creating their content — they don’t see it as an actual job.’’

What are your thoughts on Instagram hiding likes?

‘‘Hiding likes is currently a very big topic for influencers in Germany.

I love the idea, I think it would depressurize Instagram and make it less of a competition and give people more space to focus on connecting with people, what they love and what inspires them.’’

What do you think of the platform TikTok?

‘‘To be honest, I do not use TikTok nor do I have an account. However, I think in Germany this platform will begin to grow and become just as popular as Instagram.

It is a great concept as it is somewhere where you can easily create and watch short videos.’’

Unlike other platforms, Takumi is all about respecting the creative talent of the influencer. That means ensuring the campaign briefs are tight enough to achieve brand’s campaign objectives, but always broad enough to allow you to express your own creative style.

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