Meet TAKUMI X Creators: F0ur Br0thers
Meet TAKUMI X Creators: F0ur Br0thers

With over 400,000 followers on TikTok and continuous growth across all of their platforms, their comedy skits and sketches have received exponential engagement with them now gaining somewhat over 16.6 million likes.

After recently signing to TAKUMI X, we sat down to chat with the boys to find out what creative control means for them and how they measure results and ROI on their social media platforms.

F0ur Br0thers, we have to start by asking the obvious… are you guys actually brothers?

Yes, we are brothers, although we don’t all look like we are……

You are well known for your hilarious skits on social media, do you have as many laughs behind the camera?

We have probably twice as many laughs behind the camera, skits can sometimes take hours to film because we find them funny, and so laugh a lot when trying to film.

As well as your success on social media, you also have a clothing line, where did your inspiration come from?

Declan and Ronan in particular love their fashion and we all felt this business decision would allow them to explore different creative avenues we hadn’t yet explored.

When working on a brand campaign, how do you measure the results and ROI on your channels?

Generally, we measure all content in the same way, we like to look at the instant growth, in terms of views, within an hour, 24-hour growth, and 7-day growth. We also like to look at ‘like to view’ ratio in these time frames as well, to get an idea as to whether the video was well received with our audience. How it then impacts our other channels including Instagram and YouTube in particular.

On which network do you post regularly? Why?

We post on all of our channels multiple times throughout Monday — Friday, but TikTok is twice a day every day. We feel consistent content will push our growth, but also allow us to showcase more branded content.

In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of a creator brief?

Allowing us to influence the brief, our model has worked so far because we have creative freedom. Generally, the more views a branded video receives, the more successful it has performed. So to allow us the creative freedom within the brief will help make this happen.

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