Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Sherice Banton
Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Sherice Banton

With a global following of over 1.7 million people and having recently been part of TikTok’s in-app and out-of-home campaign to celebrate Black History Month, Sherice’s deep understanding of multiple platforms and voice within the industry has meant she is a voice to be listened to.

We sat down with Sherice to find out first-hand, what her experience has been like working on TikTok for 4 years and her secrets behind the famous Häagen-Dazs, Secret Sofa campaign

Sherice, you’ve been on TikTok for over 4 years, how have you seen the platform change?

In quite a few ways! The content has changed quite dramatically as at first, it was mostly comedy, music, and dancing but now there is a huge range of content from lots of different niches which is so much better! Also, the algorithm is constantly changing but most noticeably this happened when the views became more localised to your country; you can still reach other countries of course but not as regularly as you could before the change.

Have you been posting on Instagram Reels? What are your initial thoughts?

Yes, I have! To be honest I’ve just been posting my TikTok’s on there as I wanted to see how they’d perform and I was really impressed with the results; you can get a lot of reach way beyond your following there. I think it’s a really good addition to Instagram as it allows you to inject more personality, so I actually enjoy Instagram more now that Reels are there and I think it has a lot of potential.

You recently worked on the Häagen-Dazs, Secret Sofa ‘#Haagindoors’ Romeo and Juliet campaign, can you share a secret from the BTS of shooting this campaign?

Oh, I had a lot of fun on this campaign, especially as I was able to get my boyfriend Bruce involved too! It was really handy actually as he used to do parkour so we were able to get him hanging onto the balcony as if he had just climbed up for part of the scene which looked really cool. We also had ‘one too many mouthfuls’ let’s say of the ice cream when we were filming, so what you might not realise is that we had to change the ice cream pots several times — it was just a bit too yummy!

What are some of the biggest barriers to creativity that you’ve come across?

I don’t think there have been many barriers as far as the platforms are concerned — the biggest challenges I’ve come across have been mental. You can get yourself into a rut sometimes and overthink or over analyse your content because you want it to perform well, but when you work yourself up into that state no ideas come out, which is completely counter-productive!

As mental health online is so important, what are your top tips for social self-care?

Take a break when you need to, or sometimes not when you think you need to but just use it to break up your day. It makes such a difference to your mind to simply have a change of scenery, walk outside, do something completely different for 20 mins or so as it breaks your pattern and stops you from getting over-indulged in whatever you were doing before. I find that when I’ve done this, ideas flow so much better as your mind is relaxed.

What do you see as the future in influencer marketing?

I think it will always be a valuable way of marketing. People invest and trust in people which is why it works so well in the first place. But I do think there will be a lot more “influencers” or creators in the space who claim they are influencers and can deliver but can’t necessarily show value as their relationship with their audience isn’t so deep. It will become even more important for creators to have honest, real relationships with their audience to establish that relationship and also be choosey on what they promote so that people can continue to trust what that creator recommends, and it will also be important for brands to decipher who is the right person to work with.

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