Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Niall Gray
Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Niall Gray

Having exploded on TikTok for creating comedy skits and having gained somewhat over 7.1 million likes on the platform, his eye for creativity and trends has seen him skyrocket to TikTok fame with viral content.

We sat down with TAKUMI X creator, Niall, to find out what his visions are for the future of influencer marketing and if there really is a science behind creating viral content.

You recently worked on the Häagen-Dazs, Secret Sofa ‘#Haagindoors’ Groundhog Day campaign, how did you manage to get each clip to match perfectly?!

It took quite a lot of planning and refilming to try and get every clip to look the same each time! Check out Niall’s Häagen-Dazs TikTok here.

What do you see as the future in influencer marketing?

I think it is the best way for a brand to promote its product, when the viewer can watch a lighthearted and enjoyable AD they’re more likely to take note of what’s being promoted over more traditional ways of advertising.

As a content creator, what’s been your journey on TikTok, and what was the post that changed it for you?

I started using TikTok in the way I think we all did.. I wasn’t really sure what it was all about but then before you know it I was hooked watching and making fast-paced videos. The video that made my TikTok profile take-off was the one of me pretending to be a school DJ, which has now become a theme on my page. The mockumentary/spoof style videos are the ones that go down the best.

Is there a science behind creating viral content?

I think the key thing to making viral content is it has to be relatable and a unique idea. Or even doing something that people haven’t seen before, some of the content I love watching is people with unusual jobs like pool cleaning or even the people who paint the white lines on roads… who knows why these videos are so satisfying.

As a Capital FM music presenter, would you say this gives you the advantage of being in the know with trending and meme-worthy chart music for TikTok?

It can definitely help get an idea of what music people are loving at the moment and in turn will become the next big viral song on TikTok. But sometimes it’s the most random and unusual songs that start trending which I would never have predicted.

What is your most valuable advice to give to a brand new to influencer marketing?

I think having a clear brief is very important and letting the creator have creative control over the idea, also trusting what the creator thinks will work best for their audience.

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