Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Luke Franks
Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Luke Franks

Luke recently joined TAKUMI X as one of our creators, as he supported the idea of a ‘collaboration’ first approach.

‘‘Collaboration between creators but also with the brands on their ideas for campaigns. I think that is ultimately how you build good long term relationships.’’

As a content creator who started on YouTube, and whose TikTok following has seen continuous growth, we sat down with Luke to find out how exactly he juggles his time and why it is YouTube is the most trusted platform among consumers.

Luke, as well as being a content creator you are also a TV and radio presenter, how do you juggle your time between creating content on social media and work?

‘‘I try and spend more time creating than scrolling but I’m not perfect. I look at what cannot be moved in the diary (i.e. filming on location) and then slot in everything else around it, doubling up on what I can do beforehand. It changes all the time but I’ve gotten used to that now.’’

In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of a creator brief?

‘‘I think the mutual trust that the creator can lead to the creative, whilst incorporating what the brand is after. That flexibility and clarity from the start will usually get the best results.’’

Our recent whitepaper shows that YouTube creators are most-trusted by consumers. As a creator who started on YouTube, why do you think this is?

‘‘I think because it’s been around the longest, which means it’s had the longest track record with bigger brands, so at the minute it feels the safest. The brands that are experimental and jump on the new waves first though (e.g. TikTok) will likely get big results for a competitive price.’’

What has been your biggest challenge as a creator?

‘‘Being consistent and regularly producing content that your audience loves. Social media never switches off so you sometimes feel like you can’t either, I’m getting better at this though.’’

How do you decide what content to post on social media platforms?

‘‘Each platform has a different voice and a different style so spending time as a fan/viewer on the platform is crucial. You get to understand what works, what people might like, then make that content, put it out to experiment, and see what sticks. If it doesn’t do well it doesn’t matter, try again and then again. Your audience are your boss!’’

What advice would you give to a content creator starting out?

‘‘We’re in a world of instant gratification but consistently making content repeatedly is the key. Also, be smart about it, different social platforms go through different cycles of growth, right now TikTok is still exploding so my advice would be to put your time there. If you want to do it, set yourself a 100-day challenge to upload every day. After that it becomes a habit and by that point, you’ll know if it’s something you love.’’

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