Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Abi Clarke
Meet TAKUMI X Creator: Abi Clarke

Alongside her rising fame on TikTok, across all of her social channels, she has seen consistent growth and engagement, making her a voice to be listened to.

As one of the content creators used in TikTok’s first-ever UK television commercial, Abi’s knowledge of the industry is to be reckoned with. We caught up with Abi to find out more!

Where did your journey start as a comedian?

I started comedy after doing a solo show module at university in 2016 in which I first tried telling jokes about my love life under the guise of ‘theatre’. It took three years after that for me to admit to anyone that I thought I was funny, but I finally signed up to a six-week Stand-up Comedy course and have never looked back. I started gigging on the circuit as a stand-up comedian in January 2019 and reached the Semi-Final of the Funny Women Stage Award that same year.

I then also took my comedy online, posting my first ever sketch on Instagram in November 2019 and the rest is history!

Can you tell us a bit about your social platforms and why they are proving to be a great way to share your comedy sketches?

I went online to find and build an audience of young women for my comedy. TikTok has been an incredible place to share my sketches as it offers a platform where my content is shown to people who don’t already follow me. Therefore, an audience beyond just my friends became aware of my work. My TikTok account then contributed to the growth on my Instagram where people can get to know me better via stories and follow my day to day journey as an aspiring comedian!

On TikTok, I currently have 331K Followers and 8 million likes, and was one of the content creators used in TikTok’s current and first-ever UK television commercial! I have also produced paid content for several companies including Sony Music, Amazon Prime UK, and SkyTV. My reach on Instagram is, at present, 35.7K, and 21.3K on Twitter.

I mainly post original sketches that I write and perform myself, usually playing all of the characters. My ‘New Year, New Me’ sketch was featured on the BBC Comedy and BBC One Facebook pages and gained over a million views. I’ve also had multiple videos go ‘viral’ across multiple platforms, including my “If cats were human” sketches and a Eurovision dance video that I did with my parents.

Will you migrate from TikTok to Instagram Reels? Will the content be similar to what you might make for TikTok?

At the moment, no, as Instagram Reels only allow for 15 seconds and most of my sketches are longer than that. I do however post most of my content across all of my platforms anyway even if not as a ‘reel’. I quite often ‘loop’ a sketch and make it an IGTV instead.

What is most important to you when pursuing brand partnerships?

I am a comedian first, pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to maintain authenticity. A substantial amount of creative freedom and trust from the brand is also incredibly important as I find that a video can become ‘forced’ or ‘fake’ when a brand is too prescriptive. It also ends up not being as funny. I think the best ads are the ones that don’t look out of place on someone’s feed and make sense alongside the rest of their content.

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