Let’s Chat Twitch with Matthew and Ryan!
Let’s Chat Twitch with Matthew and Ryan!

Meet our TAKUMI X ambassadors Matthew and Ryan, social media mavericks who have taken TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube by storm and are now venturing into the world of Twitch. With 6.5k followers and generating over 1000 viewers per stream, we spoke to them about all things content and gaming.

When did you join Twitch?

We have always found gaming really cool and loved escaping to Twitch during the summer of 2020. We then started to stream and invited our TikTok followers to come game with us which has turned out to be popular.

Twitch has taken off over the past year- linked to the pandemic and other platforms are pushing for live streaming so we felt this was another way to connect with our audience. Our creator friends were also slowly going over to Twitch!

Why did you join Twitch?

As well as being able to stream our favourite games and hobbies- Twitch offers that next level of interaction as opposed to the other platforms such as Instagram with only likes and comments. It feels like you are having a conversation- you can instantly interact, react and get to know your followers on a more personal level.

What are your favourite games and what content do you stream?

We love playing games that are multiplayer as it allows our audience to play alongside us- games like Roblox and Among Us. We also love to track what the popular games are on Twitch, it is really good for breaking down what games the community is most viewing at the time.

We have a schedule for our streams- Tuesdays for Roblox, Thursdays for chatting and letting our audience choose what we play and then Sundays for Among Us. Our content is always interactive!

What is creating content like for Twitch compared to other platforms?

The overall streaming part of the content is quite relaxed, you’re just having a chat with your audience as opposed to being more scripted and edited on other social media- it feels more personal.

The set up can be tricker and did require us to do some initial research. Whilst on other platforms it is more about the cameras, editing software ect… streaming requires knowledge on various softwares and different tech.

What are your top tips for new streamers getting into Twitch?

1.) Consistency: being consistent with your streams really helps build an audience as they start to know when you’re going to stream

2.) Research: pencil in some time to get the stream set up. It’s really important to make sure you know how the systems work and is definitely something that shouldn’t be rushed

3.) Have fun!: stream things that YOU like. If you try and stream about things that aren’t exciting to you, you’ll lose interest yourself before a potential audience will.

If you would like to find out more about Twitch, please get in touch hello@takumi.com.