Instagram hacks you need to know…
Instagram hacks you need to know…

Hide, delete, or disable comments on your posts

While allowing followers to comment on your Instagram posts can be a positive experience, there may be occasions in which you want to share something but don’t want feedback or you wish to block out any offensive words which you can set up automatically in the settings tab. You can disable comments on Instagram posts either before you post or after a photo or video has gone live on your feed.

  1. Hide comments: Comments with common offensive words, phrases or emojis are filtered out or hidden automatically. This setting is on by default, but you can change it at any time.

  2. Advanced comment filtering: Filter out even more comments that may contain offensive words or phrases. Comments from people you follow and who follow you will not be hidden. This setting is off by default, but you can change it at any time.

  3. Hide message requests: Message requests that may contain offensive words, phrases or emojis will appear in your hidden requests folder. This setting is off by default, but you can change it at any time. Note: Instagram cannot see your messages unless you report them.


Add another Instagram account to your bio

Your Instagram bio is extremely important, especially if you have more than one account that you would like to direct users to. Fortunately, you have the option to include another Instagram account in your Instagram bio. To do so, simply type the “@” sign into your Bio, and then select the account you’d like to tag. Then, click “Done”.

Reorder filters to set your favourite filters at the front

Instagram’s a great app for editing and sharing images. With 1000’s of filters to choose from, you have a lot of options. The problem is, that is can also be annoying to wade through when searching for your favourite filter.

Luckily, Instagram lets you rearrange your filters so the ones you use most are always close at hand. You can even hide any filters you don’t ever want to use. To reorder filters, add a new post and begin editing it. When you get to the filters page, hold down on a filter you’d like to move, and then drag it to your preferred location.

Create an auto-complete quick reply for standard responses

Are you using Instagram Direct Messages to communicate with your audience? Looking for an easy way to provide quick replies to common questions via Direct Messages?

Using Quick Replies not only saves you time but allows you to be consistent when responding to users.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Tap the Quick reply (three-dot chat bubble) icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap New quick reply to write the response you’d like to save.

  2. Add the shortcut that you can enter for the response. For instance, you can add the shortcut “hours” for the response, “Our opening hours are 9:00-17:00 Mon-Fri and 10:00-18:00 pm at weekends”.

  3. If you have previously answered a frequently asked question, you can also save your response as a quick reply. Open the message thread where you’ve previously answered a frequently asked question. Tap and hold the message you want to save – you can edit the response and shortcut before saving it.

  4. Once you’ve added a response to your quick replies, you can just add it the next time you get a frequently asked question. Tap the Quick reply (three-dot chat bubble) icon at the bottom of your screen and choose from one of the responses you’ve integrated or type the shortcut for the quick reply you want to use.


Monitor how much time you’ve spent on Instagram

Interested to see how much time you’ve spent on Instagram, we are all guilty of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, but you may want to limit how much time you spend on the app if you’re trying to focus on work or manage your digital wellbeing. Here’s how to track and manage your Instagram usage:

  1. Open the Instagram app and click on the Profile option

  2. Now, tap on the three-bar signs at the top

  3. Click on the Settings option and you can see a long list of menus

  4. From the drop-down menu, click on Tap Activity and you can see the average time you have spent on the app

Remove Instagram posts without deleting them

You can hide old posts out of sight with the “Archive” function:

How to do it:

  1. Tap … at the top of the post you want to remove

  2. Select Archive

  3. To review all archived posts, go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner

  4. Tap Archive

  5. At the top of the screen click Archive to view either Posts or Stories

  6. If you want to restore content to your public profile, simply tap Show on Profile at any time and it’ll show up in its original spot

Post to Instagram from your desktop

Instagram has quietly added a new button to its website. And that new button makes all the difference for what we want to do here: post on Instagram from a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile app.

After you log into your account through a web browser, you should see a new + button in the toolbar. (And to be clear, this is just the standard web browser window without resorting to spoofing a mobile user-agent.)


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