How TikTok Is Giving The Beauty Industry A Makeover
How TikTok Is Giving The Beauty Industry A Makeover

With high street retailers in the UK closed for so long, the way we consume beauty brands has changed dramatically in the last year and there has been a growing reliance on word of mouth recommendations and influencer’s product reviews.

TikTok has filled the gap by establishing itself as a hub for beauty, with its hyper-consumable content for skincare, hair-care and make-up addicts everywhere.

As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, it’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t heard of TikTok.

When compared to Instagram, TikTok content is less refined, more reactive and more relatable; a digital haven that feels uniquely honest. The allure of TikTok’s short-form videos isn’t going unnoticed, with other platforms honing in on the tools that bring us rapid product reviews, contagious dance crazes and quick step how-to’s. However, it really is the beauty community that makes TikTok so special, and sets it apart from other platforms. 

For example, one of the most popular TikTok categories within beauty is skincare, where key trends can be attributed to ‘skinfluencers’. What’s amazing about these creators is their authenticity; they don’t claim to have photo-finish skin 24/7. Rather, they share candid product reviews, knowledge grounded in experience (and science too!), and lay bare their skin struggles for their communities to see.  

At TAKUMI, we have seen significant growth in TikTok influencer campaigns, from beauty brands both large and small, and the momentum is continuing to grow. 

If you need further convincing, here are 4 reasons why TikTok must be a part of your social media strategy, for the long haul…


Your audience is on TikTok

About a year ago it was GenZ pioneering the community; according to TAKUMI’s 2020 Whitepaper research, a quarter of 16-44 year olds trust a TikTok influencer’s recommendations more than a friend’s! However, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers have since tapped into TikTok, reaching audiences that span generations. 

TikTok rewards creativity

You don’t have to be an expert in the algorithm to amass views and likes on your content- it really isn’t about how many followers you have, but how creative and engaging your content is. Understanding the community helps, so it is important to align your brand values in an authentic way.

New trends live here

Pros and novices alike are sharing tips, tricks and recommendations which are driving products to sell out in record time. Being in this environment positions your brand in good company, and does wonders for brand awareness.

TikTok drives sales

It’s not just indie brands that are winning (and they really are!); we have seen beauty giants, like Maybelline, report hugely impressive sales from their campaigns on TikTok. 

The beauty community is vibrant, excited and engaged, but the true recipe for success is to work with the best content creators to really help build your presence and drive awareness on the platform. 

The clock is ticking… It’s time to turn your efforts to TikTok! Get in touch and let’s talk. 


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