Evelyn’s Beauty Blog: What makes a great beauty influencer?
Evelyn’s Beauty Blog: What makes a great beauty influencer?

What makes a great beauty influencer? Hint: It takes more than a love for beauty products!

Since TAKUMI’s conception in 2015, we’ve worked with more than 50 beauty brands, creating over 300 campaigns across multiple platforms. At the heart of these campaigns are the thousands of beauty influencers we’ve partnered with… individuals who are the backbone of influencer marketing.

They were the first to show true creativity beyond the humble beginnings of YouTube, continuing market-domination as the celebrities of this industry.

But what makes a truly great beauty influencer? I’ll be divulging some expert insights, breaking down the key elements which attract the best of the beauty influencers to our clients.

Authenticity: Someone who has their own voice in their storytelling and lets it shine through consistently. An influencer with authenticity will work with brands they believe in, who offer something that they feel will genuinely add value to their beauty regime.

Honesty: Audiences appreciate honest feedback; trust is fundamental to the influencer-audience relationship, and being honest with opinions and reviews of products is paramount. It’s also what drives sales and enables an influencer to form strong partnerships with brands and agencies. An influencer that can be ‘real’ is more effective than one with just pretty images.

No filter: We are living in a time that celebrates those who ‘keep it real’ and we are seeing influencers amass deeply engaged audiences through the lenses of their own insecurities. Those that show their ‘imperfections’ and beauty struggles- whether it’s acne or a droopy eyelid- gain the trust of an audience that truly appreciate relatability and representation. The key thing to note is that the ‘no filter’ approach removes the feeling of unattainability; it empowers audiences, allowing them to see the value in products that make you feel and look your best, despite whatever insecurities you may have.

Knowledge: People turn to beauty creators for their expertise- whether self-taught or professionally trained- for tips, insight and practical knowledge. Demonstrating an understanding of beauty trends, creating ‘how to’ tutorials, sharing beauty hacks, and giving honest product-reviews give audiences that satisfying feeling of being ‘in the know’. The beauty-influencer market is a hard one to disrupt, so what sets you apart from others?

Engaged audience: This is the most important evidence of influence. The measurement of saves, shares, DMs and click-thru rates show the power of an influencer and whether they are driving sales. Ultimately, if these numbers are not significant, then the job is not done. It’s business, after all! Brands turn to influencer marketing to make use of the huge reach that creators have, so it’s vital that this is reflected in campaign results.

Whether you’re an experienced beauty influencer or you’re just starting out, in need of inspiration or aspiration, then these tips will hopefully give you some valuable insight into what it takes to truly thrive as a creator.

Stay tuned for more insights, tips and trends on all things influencer marketing…with a beautiful twist!

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