Crunching the numbers on social media influencer engagement

Takumi campaigns achieve ultra high engagement rates by mobilizing micro-influencers and letting them choose the campaigns they work on directly through a platform they trust. Takumi optimizes for authenticity and reaches hyperlocal influencers.


Engagement rates speak for themselves

We’re knocked back by the creativity of micro-influencers every day. These people don’t have the follower numbers of The Kardashians, but their influence is more authentic, local and authoritative. Their relationship with follower is intimate.

We wanted to quantify this difference. To that end we analyzed 500,000 different Instagram profiles and observed their average engagement rates (ratio of followers who liked or commented). The results speak for themselves. Turns out the difference in engagement rates for different follower numbers is dramatic:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Utilize the proximity of micro-influencers with their followers. Takumi campaigns receive 2,9% engagement on average. If you’re not sold on the quality and diversity of micro-influencers have a look at the collage of Takumi campaign images below. The photos were neither pre-approved nor produced by advertising agencies.

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Takumi is different from other Instagram talent platforms

Our app, marketed at UK Instagrammers, invites talented social media personalities to take part in brand campaigns on Instagram. Usually influencer campaigns start with brands picking profiles from a database, then negotiating fees and finally overseeing the creative process before content is posted. We see this as a flawed and unscalable process.

Instead of cherrypicking influencers we internally categorize them based on style, photo subjects and interests. This is part of our screening and vetting process to ensure the quality of our users. Anyone with 1,000 legitimate followers is allowed to sign up.

A Takumi campaign consists of influencer targeting (age, interest, gender and location) and a campaign brief to instruct the influencer. Takumi announces a new campaign via app notifications and app feed for eligible and trusted Takumi influencers. This effectively mobilizes an army of influencers with 1,000 or more Instagram followers in a matter of minutes. Compensating influencers and processing payments is completely automated as part of the platform. Rewards are based on profile stats and the accumulated reputation of the influencer on Takumi. Account managers vet submissions and handle logistics for product delivery.