Beauty on TikTok: How to Work with Creators Effectively
Beauty on TikTok: How to Work with Creators Effectively

TikTok has been the most downloaded app of 2021 so far, so it is no surprise that brands are looking for a permanent home on the channel. However, the question is how to cut through the noise; how to stand out and make your voice heard in the midst of over 1 billion pieces of content daily that make their way to TikTok.

At TAKUMI we have onboarded several clients like Elizabeth Arden and Shiseido onto TikTok, helping them partner with TikTok creators to create and share sponsored content with their audience.


Here are 5 things you need to consider when working with a content creator on TikTok:

1. They aren’t like Instagram creators

Yes, many of them have Instagram accounts but the nature of TikTok is very different- the approach to content creation is very different and as such their audience respond differently too. Simply put, you can’t implement an Instagram strategy onto TikTok and expect the same results. Make sure you understand who you want to reach and the kind of creators that can help you achieve that. Is it a comedian, a beauty junkie, skin specialist or a boujee queen? What generation are you hoping to attract?

2. Are they commercially savvy?

Many TikTokers have become famous overnight (literally) and therefore don’t have the experience or understanding under their belts of how to work with brands. So, it is important that you work with creators that have a clear structure of their page, their audience and their content, and know how to incorporate a brand into their world on TikTok.

3. Numbers DO lie

Do not be fooled by the millions of likes. The TikTok algorithm favours individual videos- not individual profiles- and often views do not correlate to the wider following of a creator. In other words, you don’t need a tonne of followers or a record of high-performing content for a video to explode. If you select a creator on the basis of one viral video, this may not say much about their wider content. Conversely, a creator with a huge following doesn’t guarantee high-performing or high-quality content. However, the algorithm does reward creative content, so it pays to ensure you’re collaborating with talented, innovative and engaging creators. At TAKUMI we use our tools to monitor content over a period, and we look beyond the viral content so we have a truer reflection of creator performance.

4. Be ready to give them creative freedom

This is a no brainer but yet there are still many  brands that want to own the creative control, and this won’t work on TikTok. Do not take away their creative spark. Trust what has worked for them in the past, trust their knowledge, and consider them an extension of your brand.

5. Only work with vetted TikTok creators

It is important to work with reputable TikTok creators who are brand safe. At TAKUMI, we go through a vigorous vetting process to ensure that the creators are right for the brands we work with. There are a number of TikTok ‘stars’ that seem to be concerned solely with making money rather than creating incredible content, and because of this their audience feels exploited. Make sure you work with a creator that has a solid following- who understands the art of content-creation, the responsibility that comes with influence, and isn’t just focused on monetisation.

We can help you build your influencer strategy on TikTok, so get in touch and let’s talk!