Apply First
Apply First

From the recent survey of our influencers, a current theme appeared in regard to campaign availability on the app.

The influencers felt like there were no live campaigns available which may have discouraged them from using the app. We have listened to our influencers feedback and have been working hard on the app to create a new function to solve this issue.

Apply First is a new process for campaigns. Influencers are now able to apply for campaigns instead of receiving offers, they can request to participate in a campaign. This process will eliminate ‘first come first served’ and reinforce a fairer system for influencers. This new process will mean more campaign activity in the app for influencers and greater transparency.

How does it work?

  • Influencers will see campaigns that are live on the app which have the Apply First function

  • Campaign managers will set a duration for influencers to request their participation into a campaign, minimum open for 24 hours

  • Campaign managers will receive the list of applied influencers and select those they wish to have for the campaign which fit the client and brief requirements

  • Influencers will receive a push notification informing them that their Apply First request has been approved to take part in the campaign. Influencers who are not accepted on the campaign will also receive a notification letting them know they have not been successful for the campaign

  • The influencers will then follow the normal procedure for campaigns


How many influencers can apply for a campaign?

There is no limitation, those influencers which fit the campaign requirements will be selected and once the campaign has been fulfilled the influencers not selected will be notified that they have not been successful.

What is the timeframe for Apply First?

This is campaign dependent, but the minimum time frame is 24 hours, this information will be detailed in the campaign brief.

What if I’m rejected for an Apply First campaign, does this mean I won’t get to work for this brand again?

If an influencer is not selected for an Apply First campaign, this does not mean they will not be selected for a campaign from the same brand at a later date.

If I am rejected for an Apply First campaign, how will I know?

If an influencer is not successful for an Apply First campaign, they will receive a push notification on the app notifying them.

Does ‘Apply First’ affect the rewards of a campaign?

This function does not affect the rewards of a campaign, the rewards fee structure would be as stated in the campaign brief.

Can influencers see the reward before applying to an Apply First campaign?

Influencers will be able to see what the campaign reward is before they apply for the campaign.

Will all campaigns have the Apply First function going forward?

Apply First will be trialled and rolled out for campaigns as a test. We will be collating feedback of Apply First campaigns and reviewing to determine if this is a function we will apply going forward. There might be some campaigns which Apply First might not work due to brief and client requirements. We will see if this function will be a mix or a fixed element.

When influencers apply for Apply First and have not been notified if they are successful or rejected, what happens to their participation request?

The influencers which have not been notified will be placed in a ‘reserves’ pool and won’t be notified of this. Once the campaign manager has fulfilled the allocations on the campaign, the influencers will then be notified that they weren’t successful.