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Why TAKUMI? So glad you asked!

We know creators are leading the way and we empower you to bring brands closer to culture and society, creating relevance and fuelling resilience. Above all, we value the carefully created influence of creators who have earned their audience’s trust and provide brands value far beyond product placement.

Just some of the benefits of working with TAKUMI:


  1. We are all about respecting your creative talent – that means campaign briefs are tight enough to achieve the brand’s campaign objectives, but always broad enough to allow you to express your style and speak authentically to your audience.
  2. Work with the world’s leading brands like Nike, Samsung, Visa, L’Oreal, General Mills and so many more
  3. Our best of breed technology empowers you and enables human creativity
  4. We guarantee payment, ensure speedy and transparent payment (the app helps you manage 1099 and gives you an overview of campaign payment status) and we pay on time, with no fee taken out of your reward
  5. Our independent ethics committee is in place to hold us accountable and progressive across diversity and inclusion
  6. We understand that your influence is shaping the future. If you are curious and fearless, join us!

Come work with the best brands in the world

TAKUMI’s app is available for Apple and Google users, and lets creators seamlessly match with brands, participate in campaigns, submit content and collect payment. We have a robust, multi-step vetting process that is augmented with a human touch, with only 7% of applicants accepted onto the TAKUMI platform.

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Meet some of our creators

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    I love that TAKUMI offers campaigns that I’m actually a fit for and that are in my niche. I can tell that TAKUMI understands who I am as an Influencer and are really great at matching me with great brands to partner with for campaigns.

  • creators

    TAKUMI has shown me the potential of their workforce and what they are capable of achieving. Therefore I would like to be at the forefront when they dominate social media marketing campaigns.

  • creators-3

    TAKUMI has great depth of knowledge for the industry and will steer our journey in the right direction.

  • creators-4

    I think what makes TAKUMI different is they are open and honest without making any false promises. I have a really good feeling about the future and my working relationship with them.

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    TAKUMI is changing the brand advertising genre on social media and I’m keen to be part of this exciting new journey!

  • Luke Franks 1

    TAKUMI are putting collaboration first, which I think is something I’ve not seen elsewhere. Collaboration between creators but also with the brands on their ideas for campaigns. I think that is ultimately how you build good long term relationships. Also, more importantly, they seem like right nice people.


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