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The influencer‑first platform

Choose Brands

Choose the brands you want to work with.

Original Content

Post original content to your followers and get paid directly to your bank account.

Guaranteed Reward

For on brief content - we are not interested in wasting your or the brands time.


Exclusively for users with 1,000 Instagram followers or more.

No Fee

Completely free - Takumi takes no fee from your reward.


Takumi prides itself on providing the best payments solution in the market. We have invested in industry leading solutions to ensure speedy and transparent settlement to your local bank account; no questions asked. The app helps you manage 1099 or equivalent local tax filings and gives you an overview of the status of payment for each campaign. We’ve gone above and beyond and take great pride in providing the smoothest influencer experience in the industry.


Creative Control

Unlike other platforms, Takumi is all about respecting the creative talent of the influencer. That means ensuring that campaign briefs are tight enough to achieve brand’s campaign objectives, but always broad enough to allow you to express your own creative style and for you to do your own thing. Who knows your audience better than you? We make sure our clients understand and respect the magic that earned you the followers you have. We work hard to ensure our briefs are short, clear and leave room for your own creative inspiration.

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Campaign Opportunity

Our job is to maximise the diversity of campaign opportunities at hand. If your work is consistent and impactful we’ll ensure that you get the maximum number of brand campaign opportunities to choose from. Just make sure push notifications are enabled in the native Takumi app, and we’ll take care of the rest. We want influencers to pick brands, not the other way around.

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Explore Brands

Work with global brands you already love or help local ones get exposure


Post a Photo

Follow the campaign directions and tap into your creative side - Brands trust you to figure out what works best on your account


Get Paid

Takumi pays the full reward directly into your bank account - Payment is made 48 hours after submitting your content

Meet a fellow

Alex Luckey Sug-Sean
I love this app, so well organised and clear as to what is required, the brands I’ve worked with have been fantastic and always been so happy with the service and collaborations! Thank you :)
Love working with Takumi and the team! Great platform to connect brands and influencers and easy to use!
Takumi is the best platform for influencers.
Best influencer support for paid content ever. Adore you all!
Your platform is amazing!