The only agency that can measure the true ROI of influencer

If you’re trying to measure sales lift from influencer marketing, you’ll know it’s no mean feat. Tactics often include laborious link tracking, pixel placement and limited to online transactions. That’s why we’ve developed TSMS (Takumi Sales Measurement Solution).

TSMS is the world’s most powerful attribution system designed to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Through TSMS your brand or agency can not only measure the total sales generated through influencers both in-store and online –  but also predict an influencer’s purchasing power across your category.

With an average ROAS of 5X we’re helping 100s of US brands utilize the power of influencer marketing to drive direct product sales.


Measure sales impact across 500+ retailers

TAKUMI’s TSMS helps brands index the purchasing power of influencer audiences and track sales across most major US retailers. And because we’re using anonymized financial and credit data, there’s zero need to think about complex formulas or tracking.

The data that you need

With TSMS we look beyond the total spend generated, we track the data that matters – the data that helps us optimize to deliver amazing ROAS everytime.

  • Total audience spend
  • Spend indexed by influencer
  • Audience profile; demo, location, in-store Vs online, merchant
  • Best performing merchants
  • Increase in transactions
  • Share of category