About Us


TAKUMI is a global leader in influencer & creator marketing, where human creativity is powered by the very best technology, analytics and data platform. We work with creators who can bring brands closer to culture and society, creating relevance and fueling resilience. Creators who carry influence and have built authentic relationships with their audience have the power to earn trust and provide brands value beyond product placements. TAKUMI taps into these relationships to deliver creativity and real ROI on your creator campaigns.


TAKUMI values

At TAKUMI our values are important to our behaviour, our culture and how we represent ourselves to our clients, creators & colleagues.

  • Accountability: People who work at or for TAKUMI understand the importance of being accountable for their work and their actions, to their clients, creators and colleagues.
  • Diversity: TAKUMI is a place that celebrates our differences, across clients, creators and our people.
  • Equality: TAKUMI provides equal opportunities for all and merits those who do the best job they can.
  • Integrity: TAKUMI performs and supplies our services to the very best of our ability, both ethically and with transparency.
  • Respect: TAKUMI people respect themselves, each other, our clients and our creators.
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    Diversity and Inclusion

    At TAKUMI, we are deeply committed to encouraging and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion while eliminating discrimination across our team and within the industry. Our policy is simply to provide equality, fairness and respect for all in our employment, our clients and creators no matter their background.

    We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that is representative of our world.

    Spearheaded by leadership and board members, we have committed to a 3 year Diversity & Inclusion action plan, guided by the following principles:

    1. We ensure that our team reflects our values in all areas of inclusion. Our leadership team set business goals around our D&I strategy
    2. We push for representation of diverse groups in all that we do, ensuring our team equitably reflects the world we live in.We invest in diverse suppliers and give back to our community through nonprofit partnerships and initiatives that help further diversity objectives.
    3. We have launched an Ethics Committee to build long term relationships with brands that aspire to be good corporate citizens through their Diversity, Equality & inclusion ethos

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