Takumi is maximizing opportunities for creators and giving brands access to the best creative talent, and their communities, on Instagram

Instagram shapes tastes and sparks trends, and as such is seen by us as today’s cultural engine. We let the people who master this medium collaborate with the right brands on the right terms. The results have real business impact for the world’s biggest brands. There are a tonne of ways to do things the wrong way in influencer marketing. We are advocating for the right way. We believe the best influencers should be compensated for authentic brand collaborations, and that brands should have access to a quality influencer platform where they don’t need to worry about influencer vetting and the quality they will get.

Our platform stands for first class campaign support, efficient payments processing and collaborations where influencer creativity and the creator’s voice is allowed to shine through—because that’s what makes posts authentic. Takumi has vibrant sales offices in New York, London and Berlin and a product office in Reykjavík. This means we’re not always in the same building, but we’re closer to the influencers and clients. We’re good at using tools like Slack and we get a chance to travel to see each other’s faces.

If you want to join us, you should know we recognize and value...

  • 01

    Unique voices and accents

    we’re from all over the world with Nordic roots

  • 02

    Culture vultures

    if you ‘get’ Instagram you’ll love our team and process

  • 03

    People that make difficult conversations easy

    because difficult conversations tend to be important

  • 04

    Balanced productivity

    our developers understand tradeoffs between premature optimization and duct taping a solution in two weeks

  • 05

    Working hard and going home

    maybe it’s our Nordic roots, but a work life balance and work flexibility are highly valued at Takumi

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We, the founders, thought this is just obviously the way to do influencer marketing. Through real people and an efficient marketplace

Mats Stigzelius

Mats Stigzelius

Executive Chairman

Solberg Audunsson

Solberg Audunsson

Board member

Gummi Eggertsson

Gummi Eggertsson