Engage micro-influencers on Instagram at scale

Takumi activates Instagrammers with 1,000 followers or more to produce high quality, fully-licensed branded content. Takumi handles targeting, payment and delivers rich reporting after each campaign.

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Introducing: Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers reach further, better

We know intuitively that smaller influencers have more direct relationships with their followers. We call it social proximity, and we’ve quantified it by measuring engagement levels for different sizes of influencers. This is why Takumi is 3-4x as effective as other influencer platforms.
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More creativity,
better brand assets

Use the same budget to reach smaller and more numerous influencers. Unlock creativity and diversity on Instagram. Takumi is the only platform that allows you to work with micro-influencers.

We know local influencers are better at packaging and delivering your message in an effective way. At the end of the day you have more licensed brand assets to use on any of your social media channels.

Trusted by leading brands

Success stories

  • 66 North

66°NORTH looked to Takumi to kickstart their UK Instagram presence through a high number of accounts. People were asked to choose any item from their web store and showcase their purchase on their profile.

Fannar Páll Aðalsteinsson


„Takumi bypasses time consuming steps involved in executing successful influencer campaigns. We are blown away by how many influencers surface through Takumi campaigns—proof that the number of followers doesn’t necessarily reflect the level of talent on Instagram. We’re always looking to see what people make of our brand and Takumi gives them that creative freedom.”

Mallzee wanted to increase awareness of its ‘Tinder for Fashion’ app amongst Instagrammers. Takumi targeted style conscious users and asked them to feature the app itself in an Instagram post.

Nicola Davidson, Head of User Acquisition


„We were delighted with the results we received from the Takumi influencer campaign. The quality of the creative far exceeded our expectations.”

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Simpler process, better results

Takumi sources the best influencers and takes care of negotiating the price, allowing you to focus on the campaign and its results. The Takumi process is the most efficient way to get high quality creative user generated content and guarantees good results. This is the how it works:


Our in-house experts help you create a brief with directions and a series of mood photos to engage influencers. Include mentions and hashtags.


Narrow the group of eligible influencers by targeting a specific interest segment, location, gender and age. Influencers aligned to your brand agree to participate in your campaign.


Review live results of your campaign as posts are submitted. Measure engagement, reach and growth in followers.


Repurpose your favourite posts on any social media channel, optimize clicks and conversions and fight ad-fatigue on Facebook and Instagram ads - all granted by our Terms and Conditions.

Request a demo

Contact our team to arrange a demonstration. Campaign pricing starts at £1,000.

Takumi is currently only available in the UK

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